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Торт Ромашка

ноября 5, 2011

Торт Ромашка


  1. сахарный песок около 400 грамм;
  2. яйца 8 штук;
  3. картофельная мука 100 грамм;
  4. 1 лимон;
  5. сливочный крем 320 грамм;
  6. сироп для пропитывания 50 грамм

Как готовить:

Для будущего торта необходимо испечь 2 бисквитные лепешки, и 1 безе лепешку.  После, густо промазать лепешки сливочным кремом, и соединить промазанные лепешки между собой. С помощью крема украшаем торт маленькими пирожными-безе, цветочками из желе и разными фруктами. Приятного аппетита!

Информация для иностранных посетителей:

Onion finely chopped and lightly fried in butter. Then add the tomato paste, salt and pepper, add a little beef broth (you can also add a small amount of water) and boil over medium heat, onion - it has good razvaritsya. The resulting puree rub through a sieve. Instead of cream for cooking dumplings, you can use a very thick bechamel. In ostuzhenny bechamel add 2 egg yolks and mix it with fish weight, then sformovat, as noted above, meatballs and boil them on low heat. Ready to put the meatballs on a greased pan, cover with a thick bechamel sauce and briefly put in an oven to bake them slightly. The residue was mixed with bechamel sauce, remaining fish broth and heat it again, add some grated cheese if desired 1-2 tbsp. tablespoons of cream. This sauce to pour over meatballs. Submit in the form of heat as a snack or a light dinner instead. Dumplings can also be baked in the oven with finely chopped mushrooms or mushroom puree with, well above pour cream sauce. Pike weighing 1 kg, 1 small onion, a bunch of herbs, black pepper, red pepper, ? liter of white wine, 3 protein, ? liter of cream or a thick bechamel, made from 40 g butter, 50 g of flour, ? liter of milk, 2 yolk, a pinch of salt. Peel potatoes and onions and boil in lightly salted water. A lot of water does not pour. Once the potatoes and onions are tender, drain the water, vegetables, grind, add butter and milk and beat well all. Season with salt and pepper and add a pinch of nutmeg. Before serving, add the yolks and mix gently. Submit hot. Calculated for 2-3 servings. Treated bean pods break in half or into three pieces and pour a little water. Simmer until tender. Then add the red wine and carrots, cooked separately and sliced ??thinly. Season with salt and pepper and simmer everything together. Add the greens. Dice bacon, fry lightly in a pan, then add the sliced ??onion rings and fry with bacon. Beans and carrots to put on a plate, top with roasted onion put bacon. This file can be chopped meat or steak. Asparagus clean, boil in salted water and cool. Prepare the sauce of finely chopped green onions, chopped hard-boiled egg, vinegar, vegetable oil and mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Mix the sauce with asparagus and ostuzhennoy serve. Calculated for 2 servings. Asparagus under cold vinaigrette

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